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...eating tips to a healthier pain FREE stomach
Simple Tips for a Flatter (and healthier) Stomach 

Digestive Problems?

Great Taste No Pain has worked wonders for thousands of people the world over, and it certainly worked a miracle in my life. I've been pain-free and symptom-free for 16 years and my problems have never returned. It will work for you, too, and here's why I'm so sure:

  • You don't count calories, limit portion sizes, eliminate food groups, or follow a boot-camp regimen of any kind. No matter where you are or what food is available, you will simply eat the right food combinations that fill you with energy and make you feel great.

  • You'll start feeling better in one day. Many people feel the difference after just one meal!

  • Great Taste No Pain is based on proven science. It shows you how to eat food in the way the human body is best able to digest it, and you'll be floored by the huge difference that can make.

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  • "Foods That Create Acid, Foods That Take It Away" (softcover)

  • "What Combines With What" (softcover)

  • "Great Taste No Pain!" (181 page softcover recipe book)

  • "Pocket Guide To Pain-Free Dining Out" (softcover)

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How to make your stomach flatter and healthier

YOU GET TO EAT FANTASTIC TASTING FOODS, even spicy HOT foods, as long as you follow the simple rules. And if you like to cook, the gourmet-quality dishes in the Great Taste No Pain recipe book will win you over in a hurry. No more bland food ever!

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